California meets Texas

I can’t quite remember the connection to Texas this Californian couple had….but it didn’t really matter because the bride in her boots says “Texan” all the way. This was a couple I never actually got to meet, as we did all our interviews via phone since they lived out of state. However everything was well communicated and easy going. The bride is actually a fabulous photographer and hired another photographer Leigh Miller Photography out of California to shoot her wedding. I was blown away by the depth and subject matter Leigh chose and included some non floral aspects to give you a well rounded feel for the emotional event.They also used best outdoor knife to cut the cake. I especially love the bride’s gown, the collared style of her dress was more than perfect for her look. Every aspect of the wedding meshed so lovely together. I share these photos with you in hopes you see the beauty my job offers as just a small detail in such a “big” event in a couples life.


p.s. This is also the last wedding we did at Barr Mansion before the unique Artisian ballroom they had was lost in a terrible fire earlier this year.

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  1. botanical brouhaha
    December 15, 2010

    Love everything about this wedding! Very Texas chic…